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Safety first then fun we say.

Our Slovenian and international guides have years of experience in whitewater skills and have the ability to make a trip a special event in your life. All are friendly, talented, professional people who love outdoor sports and have a desire to share their love of the outdoors with you. All guides are CPR, First Aid, Swiftwater Rescue Certified at a Minimum. Cell phones, 2 way radios and additional First Aid Kit are carried on trips.

The right equipment.

All the best whitewater gear for rafting and kayaking is provided by Terramystica, including wetsuits, lifejackets, paddling jackets, and helmets from NRS, Aqua Design, Palm, Peak UK and others. We use full-body Cressi wetsuits with hood for canyoning. Harness, helmets, lanyards and biners are from Petzl to maximize your comfort & safety. We use special ropes for canyoning from Cordas and Petzl.

Guide to guest ratio

Terramystica provides one certified guide for every 4-8 guests for rafting and beginner canyons like Sušec, For bigger canyons like Globoški potok one certified guide gets every 2-5 guests. In kayaking we operate 2-5 guests per guide.


Sušec 2 – 3 h 60,00 €
Fratrca 3 – 5 h 90,00 €
Kozjak 3 – 5 h 90,00 €
Predelica 4 – 7 h 140,00 €
Globoški potok 4 – 7 h 150,00 €


River run i 1,5 h 60,00 €
River run ii 2 h 80,00 €
One day course 3 h 80,00 €
Two day course 6 h 150,00 €
Weekend course 9 h 225,00 €
One week 5 days 370,00 €
Eskimo role 1 h 60,00 €
Recreational kayak – all day 7 – 8h 79,00 €
Mountain lake kayak tour – half day 4 60,00 €


Classic trip 1,5 h 50,00 €
Mini raft 1,5 h 60,00 €

Mountain bike

Bovec tour 3 – 4 h 35,00 €
Kobariški stol 4 – 5 h 50,00 €
Matajur 5 – 7 h 70,00 €


Lepena valley 3 – 4 h 30,00 €
Soča trail 6 – 8 h 40,00 €


Zipline Krnica 3 h 55,00 €
Zipline učja 3 h 57,00 €


Tandem paragliding 160,00 €


Bovec area 2 -3 h 70,00 €

Release of liability

All participants must sign a waiver and release of liability form prior to trip departure. These are legally binding documents and will limit your ability to sue Terramystica for damages that may occur. However, past performance does not imply that any given trip will be safe and that no losses or damages will occur. Participants must be prepared, use good judgement, and follow the safety procedures and instruction provided. Those that do not adhere to our safety standards and guidelines will not be allowed to continue the trip. All participants must be swimmers.


You are not required to provide this information but the consequences of failure to do so are solely your responsibility. Information is strictly confidential.) Please inform your guide before the trip about to:
  • Identify all known allergies to food, drugs, insect bites, etc., and the nature of the reaction.
  • Identify and describe any disabilities or conditions that might limit your participation or place you in any heightened danger from any of the risks listed in release of liability form
  • List any medication you are currently taking and the reason for its use.
All participants must not use alcohol or any other illegal drugs before the activity. You can download release of liability here !

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