Requiring a bit more stamina than our Sušec canyon, our “intermediate” canyon Predelica is similar to Fratrca and still suitable for people of all skill levels who are used to activity and will enjoy the exertion of scrambling, climbing, and hiking as well as the rope work of canyoning.

If you choose this trip, come prepared to get wet and have a lot of fun while doing rappels, scrambling, jumping and swimming. Emerald pools and beautiful scenery all await you!

Trip Overview:

  • Duration:  3 – 5 hours
  • Drive from Bovec:  20 minutes
  • Max. guide to client ratio:  1:7
  • Season:  May – October, temperatures permitting
  • Hiking length:  30 min of advanced hiking
  • Technical: Highest rappel 32m, slides, jumps, wading, scrambling

Skill & Fitness Level:

  • No canyoning experience required
  • Beginner-intermediate athletic skill level
  • Must be able to hike 25 min uphill over moderate, natural terrain
  • Must be able to scramble, stem, and climb up, down, or over moderate canyon obstacles with a rope assist
  • Must be able to swim 5m
  • Minimum age:  8 years
  • Children must be mature enough to use reason and logic to mitigate their instinctual fear of backing over a cliff edge and also weigh enough (around 23 kg or 50lbs.) to counter the mass of the rope they’ll need to push through their rappel device.

We provide
Snacks (granola bars, peanuts, etc), Drinking water, All of the technical gear you will need for canyoning, Transportation from our office to the route and back to our office.

Price: 90€ per person. Special discounts for groups

What to bring for Canyoning Predelica
Shoes with a soft, flexible sole, such as running shoes or lightweight hiking shoes that you are comfortable possibly getting wet or dirty. No open-toed sandals, please. Swimming suit. Lycra T shirt.

Other items we recommend that you bring
Sun screen, Lip balm, Brimmed hat, Light long-sleeve shirt (for sun protection), Sun glasses, Light rain gear, Camera (waterproof), Extra snacks if you get really hungry, are a growing teenager, or have dietary restrictions or allergies.


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